“PSUkulele works to bring good vibes to campus”

-From the Daily Collegian

“Ever-elusive ukulele players, often found strumming on Old Main lawn or sitting in trees, all come together in PSUkulele to promote good vibes among students.”

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PSUkulele goes to the Hershey Medical Center


On October 17th, five cool uke players piled into a very gold-colored car and drove down to Hershey Medical Center to play for the patients and staff. Unfortunately, we weren’t allowed to play in any of the patients rooms that day, but nonetheless, it was a wonderful experience. We played in the lobby and the cafeteria for about half an hour each. Most people were just walking through but you could see them smiling and swaying to the music which was nice to see.

After we finished playing, we went to Hershey’s Chocolate World.


…And saw a double-rainbow on the way home


What We’ve Been Up To

I apologize that I’m just getting to this now, but here are some exciting things that PSUkulele happened in the past month or so…

  1. Our numbers are growing! If you have an Instagram, check out @PSUkulele  our cool jammin’!
  2. We made it on the campus snap story! 12063347_541862995972872_8264514056839107626_n
  3. We played at the HUB before homecoming!
  4. We played with the Allegheny Ukulele Kollective before seeing the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain
  5. We saw the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain (Which was PHENOMENAL!) 12107146_10206947803921332_5152737822782696658_n


Uke-ing in the Rain

Today was PSUkulele’s first ever Busking Adventure! (Busking is sitting on the street and playing instruments for money, apparently). We played outside of PNC bank downtown for two hours after the football game (which Penn State won, YAY!). It was super fun, even though it was raining and we made $49!!!!! So this sort of fund raiser is looking quite good for the future!


PSUkulele Does Involvement Fair!

So yesterday, PSUkulele (formerly “Team Uke”) was at the fall semester Involvement Fair! Although it was quite loud in Alumni Hall our super uke playing generated plenty of interest! (As well as many passers-by who bobbed up and down to the tunes we were jammin’!) It’s going to be an exciting second year! We have a great webmaster/graphics person (myself) and a newly appointed fundraising chair (her name is Clara). We are hoping to have meetings every week, although the date has not been decided on yet. If you missed the Fair (which I totally understand as a short person who isn’t really a fan of super loud places) you can contact us! Tell us your full name and PSU email address and if you want to be added to the Facebook group.  Our meetings are super chill and you can come whenever you please so if you’re on the fence, I say go for it because you can always back out if you don’t like it. Anyway, Hope to have a great year! 🙂

(Featured in the top picture is our president Christy on the left and new fundraising chair, Clara, on the right)